• This server is ONLY for ages 18 and above.
    1. While NSFW talk is allowed, don’t go too far with it (f.e. public ERP)
    2. Breaking this rule will result in a permanent ban for both the offender and person responsible for inviting them
  • Any offensive remarks / builds are strictly forbidden
  • Stealing / Griefing is prohibited.
  • Using cheats / cheat clients is not allowed (f.e. XRAY, Kill Aura etc.)
  • ALT accounts are not allowed for farming / resource gathering uses
  • Before recording / streaming, let other players online know about it beforehand



  • Mods are generally allowed on the server, as long as they don’t fall under the category of “cheat mods”, e.g. XRAY, KILL AURA, VEIN MINER
  • FreeCam is allowed on the server solely for recording/capturing screenshots or previewing builds from far away
  • Any QOL mods, such as Sodium, JEI, Minimaps etc. are allowed


  • Self promotion is allowed, as long as it’s not spammy, intrusive or gets in the way of people interacting with each other.
  • Insulting, Arguing or generally being mean to someone with the intent of hurting them is mean and not allowed.
  • Avoid building in areas visibly claimed by other people or in a close proximity to other players unless they give you permission to do so.
  • Warn other people when spawning a wither, just so that they dont get a heart attack from hearing the BWOOOOOOOM.


There are 3 ways of reporting a player:

  • Message @TyrKLCT on telegram
  • Message anyone from the @Cat-Coucil on Discord
  • Message moderators directly using the /msg feature