What's WhiskerCraft

WhiskerCraft is a furry, vanilla friendly, adult only Minecraft server owned by a cat!

You can play on either creative or survival thanks to 2 separate sub-servers, and interact with an active and friendly community of mostly furries. It’s also a safe space for LGBTQA+ folks, with a strong moderation team that will decapitate anyone who’s being a bigot.

With features like home commands, proximity voice chat (COMING SOON!) and mcMMO, navigating and playing the server is made way more fun!
(source: I’ve been playing on servers for 5 years)
It also includes shops and in-game currency, letting you free your inner capitalist monopolist demon.

There’s more stuff coming in the future, so have fun!


How do i join?

This server is currently invite-only, so if someone you know plays here then ask them for an invite and have fun!

How do i invite my friends over?

The process of inviting is listed in the Guide tab of the website.

You’ve mentioned that the server is 18+. Does that mean it’s nsfw?

While we do not permit anything too lewd, nsfw is allowed on the server.

Is this server PVP?

Yes. Kill or be killed (don’t actually kill. killing is mean (unless its funny (then murder is ok))).

Is the server free to play on?

Yes, but you can donate to get more perks, like more /home-s, an /echest command etc.

How do i get donation perks?

Go to the donations section of the website to get more info about that.

Is KeepInventory and Firespread on?

KeepInventory is disabled, mainly becasue it makes the game too easy. Firespread has been disabled though, so feel free to commit arson.

How do i report someone?

By either messaging our Admins on our Discord Server, or by messaging @TyrKLCT on telegram with the complaint.

How big is the map?

The map is currently 10000x10000 and will be increased after each major Server Update.

What’s the server difficulty?

Hard, so brace yourself.

What’s your number xoxo?



Tyr Kilcat • Owner

Cyber Kitsune • Lead Admin

AverenDevil • Admin

Sour • Admin

ForestFox • Moderator

DoctorDeer • Moderator

Sandiitafrita • Moderator

Mystopossum • Moderator

TechKat • Moderator



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