Welcome to the Info Desk. Here you’ll find all the necessary info for taking over the server.


5k blocks away from your home because villager promised you good times, but left you alone in the middle of nowhere?
Damn you should have set up a /home. /home allows you to teleport back to your home (or any location of your choosing) instantly! It’s faster than a car and doesn’t need any more road lanes to work.

/sethome NAME - Create a home teleport point
/home NAME - Teleport to warp point
/remhome NAME - Remove a home teleport point

By default you can set up to 3 homes, but by Supporting the server you can get way more!



WhiskerCraft is a capitalistic server, woohoo!
You earn money by mining, killing monsters and trading items. You can also inherit wealth if you have rich parents but we ate rich people a long time ago so.

/money - Check money balance
/pay USERNAME AMOUNT - Pay someone money
/withdraw AMOUNT - Turn money into items


An easier and less direct way to trade items is to set up a shop. You can sell any item in any quantity! How convenient.

Here’s how you set up a shop:

  1. Left click on a chest with items that you want to sell
  2. Type the price of your items
  3. Force people to buy your goods

You can purchase items by left clicking on a shop sign and typing the amount of items you want to purchase

Market District

We have our own Market district! A one-stop shop to eating the rich.
It’s an area where you can set up your own shop, and browse other people’s shops as well!

To teleport to it, type /mall.

Over there, behind you you'll see a guide on claiming lots, but just in case, here's how it works.

  • Claim a spot by editing the cyan sign on top of lime concrete
    • If you want to build something grander, feel free to do so on the outside regions of the shopping district, and if you want to build something smaller (Like a market cart), you can build it on the pavement in-between stores.
    • Don't claim more than one lot, ty,,,
  • When you're ready to build, remove the lime concrete and get to building!
    • If needed, you can terraform the area outside the border
  • PROFIT!!!

More lots will be added every time they run out!

Nether Dweller

Nether Dweller

Nether Dwellers are villagers that give a shitton of quartz, woppee!!!!
You'll find them in special huts around the world. Make sure they don't escape though, they like to leave their huts.

When you find one, and want them to restock quartz, make sure to place down a stonecutter for them. They're very picky about that.


Have a friend that you want to have a double bed with but they have not been noticed by the kitty council?
Fear not, you can still invite them!!!

In order to invite someone to the server, message @TyrKLCT on Telegram with the username of the player you want to invite.
In the span of 1-8 hours, they will be added to the server and you’ll receive a Discord invitation link to send them!

IMPORTANT! Before you invite someone, make sure they’re an adult. If they break rules in a major way, the punishment will fall both on them and on you.

Want to be invited?

If you don’t have anyone on the inside that could give you an invite, worry not!

Message @TyrKLCT on Telegram with your username and we’ll get you all sorted out!!


Yup we have it.

MCMMO is a plugin that overhauls Minecraft skill abilities by well, adding them.
Each time you mine, chop down trees or even fall down you’ll earn levels in respective skills. After reaching a certain amount of levels, you’ll unlock new abilities to do shit faster!

/mcability - Toggle the option to activate abilities
/notify - Removes ability notifications
/mcmmo help - Displays a help menu

Other Commands

/tpa USERNAME - Send a teleport request
/tpaccept - Accept a teleport request
/tpdeny - Deny a teleport request
/hub - Teleport to hub
/spawn - Teleport back to spawn
/msg USERNAME MESSAGE - Send a secret message
/sit - Sit down

/mail send USERNAME MESSAGE - Send a mail message (works for offline users, player will recieve a notification upon loading in the world)
/mail read - Read mail messages
/mail clear - Clear your messages

Supporting the server

Oh no! The server hardware is constantly hungry for money!!! It keeps burning all the 100$ bills we place on it and it can’t STOP!!!
If you want to help out, consider supporting the server by becoming a SERVER BACKER!

By donating to the server, you’re:

  • Helping pay for hardware costs and all the tools required to make it run well
  • Directly supporting development of features for the server
  • Making your wallet a bit easier to carry

In return you’ll get:

  • Really cool perks based on your BACKER RANK
  • Bigger and more frequent updates to the server
  • A smoother running server for satisfying the hunger of server hardware
  • A lighter wallet, thanks to our sponsor “Taking your money from your wallet (C)”

How to support:

  • On the Home page, click “Feed The Server”
  • You’ll be taken to a page where you can select a tier that you want to obtain, along with all the descriptions
  • Once chosen, follow site’s instructions
  • PROFIT!!

All donations are deeply appreciated, and we’re incredibly thankful for every penny we get to stuff inside the server’s PCI slots (it’s mouth) <3

Backer exclusive Commands:

Cat Treat

/nickname - Set your server nickname
/back - Return to your previous teleport location
/craft - Open a crafting menu

Full Bowl

All of the above +

/tpahere USERNAME - request another player to teleport to you
/lay - lay on the ground
/echest - open an Ender Chest


/back - Return to your last teleport location or place of your death
/pweather - change the weather client-side (only for yourself)
/ptime - change the time client-side (only for yourself)
/crawl - crawl on the ground continuously

Backer Features

Full Bowl Tier Catnip Tier


Here, I scared you! if only i could do that in the game too...
Oh wait, I can! Thanks to PlasmoVoice integration!!

Plasmovoice is a proximity voice chat mod for Minecraft that allows you to speak to other players when you’re near them in-game!

Note: If you haven’t donated, you’ll still be able to hear other players if you install this mod!

How to install:

Catnip Tier

Colored Nicknames

Want to slay-ify your name and stand out with your slay-colored slay-looking server nick?
You can use the /nick command to color your nickname!

Here's how you do it:

  • When using the /nick NAME command, type the following before the NAME part (without spaces):
    • &#RRGGBB - Set your nick to a custon HEX value color, for example /nick &#123456BlueGuy to have a dark-blueish name "BlueGuy"
    • &l - Make it bold
    • &o - Make it italic

You can even combine them and use em in the middle of the username to change only a part of it!

Catnip Tier

Model Requests

“Oh wow USERNAME ! What a cool plushie on your head/decoration on the wall/a custom 3D model in your hand you have over there!! I bet that you got it because you have the CATNIP support role and requested it to be added!”
If that was you, and you want one for yourself, then this section is for you!

Here's how it's done:

  • Message @TyrKLCT on Telegram with your MC username, a BlockBench model (.bbmodel), or an exported .json file alongside texture files for your model!
    • Make sure the model is under 1MB in size and no larger than 1.5 block in height and 1 block in width.
    • When sending it all, let me know if you want it to be used as either one of the following types of items:
      • Generic model (applicable for, e.g., Plushies, Wall decorations etc.)
      • Netherrite tool (armor not supported)
  • If everything goes well, you’ll see your model in-game after a nightly server restart!
Catnip Tier

Schematic Requests

Built a gorgeous 10x10 cottage-core mid-century modern shack in the creative server and want to have it for yourself? No problem!
As a CATNIP backer, you’ll be able to Export a .schem file of your build!!

Here's how it's done:

  • Message @TyrKLCT on Telegram with coordinates of your build in the Creative server.
  • After up to 2 days, you’ll receive a .schem file in your inbox.

It’s that shrimple!